Erlang for Scalable Insatant Messaging

Devcon June Conference, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 15:30


ooVoo’s instant messaging solution is an Erlang-based implementation of XMPP server (eJabberd) with focus on performance and scalability. Specifically designed for high end service provider’s purposes, it is fault-tolerant, distributed and can utilize resources of multi-core CPUs. It provides support for multiple client platforms, including WebSockets, reliable message delivery in mobile networks and in-game multi-user chats. Its modular architecture allows customizing it to cater to specific needs like in-house authentication or application-specific traffic such as VoIP signaling. Alexander Fok, System Architect at ooVoo, will present ooVoo’s implementation of highly scalable and high performance messaging solutions. The presentation will cover:

- eJabberd – current service implementation

- Front End Notification – a Websocket server that allows to maintain very big amount of concurrently connected Web clients with 2 way communication channel open that natively extends eJabberd capabilities

Alexander Fok

Alexander Fok

System Architect


Alexander Fok is a Director and System Architect at ooVoo, the the largest independent social video communication service provider.

ooVoo has over 70M registered users and fast growing rate, constantly expending its services. 

 At ooVoo, he has overall responsibility for high scale, highly available service delivery infrastructure (1.8m concurrent connections, 60m registered users, tens of thousands of events per second). He is responsible for the architecting of hybrid – public and private cloud based services alongside support of multiplatform clients (Windows, MAC, iOS, Android,Facebook, WEB based). His career at ooVoo is preceeded by various senior roles in startups and established companies alike, including a stint as lecturer at Ben Gurion University.



















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