The Myth of Dynamic Language Performance

Devcon June Conference, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 13:00

Many people think dynamic languages are inherently slower than static language just because they are dynamic. I'll be talking about how you can make a dynamic language run as fast as a static language and what kind of techniques are used for this.

I'll be using my experience with working on Rubinius as a background for this story.

Dirkjan Bussink is an independent software developer from a city called Enschede in Netherlands. For the last years he's been a contributor to Rubinius, an implementation of Ruby. These days EngineYard graciously sponsors his work on the project, allowing it to become an even better Ruby implementation.
Following this experience, Dirkjan knows a thing or two about dynamic languages and how you can make them fast, working hard on dispelling the myth that dynamic languages like Ruby etc. are slow.

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