Computer Vision 101

Devcon June Conference, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 13:30

Computer Vision is an ever growing field. Its strength and powerful capabilities has made Computer Vision applicable to many fields, including, security, medical applications, consumer electronic devices, assembly lines, and others.


Computer vision is now being applied to new industries such as autonomous vehicles and retail. Driven by  the constant improvement of CPU capabilities and cost efficiency, Computer Vision technology been deployed on  new platforms such as mobile devices.


The discussion today will focus on when computer vision technology is used in the neighborhood supermarket. We will present the technology behind Trax Technology, which is utilizing the advantages of computer vision and applying them in the FMCG area, to unlock retail sales.


At Trax Technology we are developing a fine-grained object recognition engine, a unique technology, that is able to recognize almost any consumer product in stores and kiosks. We will cover the basic principles in which computer vision algorithms are used for Object Recognition and will demonstrate how to use OpenCV – an open source library for computer vision – to implement a recognition engine. We will also elaborate on computer vision problems that are easily solved using existing open source libraries,

Yair Adato is currently the head of the research team in Trax Technology Solutions, where he and his team are developing a recognition engine for fine-classification.


He finished his PhD studies at Ben-Gurion University. His thesis was in the field of computer vision. He is the winner of the Google European Doctoral Fellowship in Computer Vision for 2011.


He taught several courses in computer science department at the Ben-Gurion University, including numeric analysis, design of algorithm and computer vision.


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