Hired as a Open Source Rockstar at Jimdo its my job to make the product even more awesome with all the love and power of open source software.

Before that, I worked at Digital Pioneers N.V. doing high-tech prototyping and InnoGames where I was a lead developer of a big social game named WestWars.

Presentations by Ole Michaelis:

  • Devcon June Conference, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 12:30


    These days, it often feels like php is an old, creepy piece of code - it seems that all the cool code kids are using ruby, node or scala.

    But is this actually the truth? Maybe php is just different. I believe we as a community are on the right way to take our tools, frameworks, and the community itself to a new level. Composer, Packagist, PHPspec, and PSR are just a first step in the right direction. Each of us can do their part - you could, and you should also be a part of it. So lets unite into an awesome, open-minded community, leaving the php 3 times behind us!

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